About Us

Inside McCook Bohemian Restaurant and Lounge
McCook Bohemian Restaurant & Lounge opened in 1991, with the idea to serve big portions for affordable prices. It’s been 23 years and counting now and we’ve received countless compliments on the value of our meals.

Our core business is to supply all of our customers with an authentic Bohemian experience with genuine food that won’t leave you hungry. Most likely, you’ll leave with enough food to take home!

All of our dinners are made fresh and from scratch. We are very aware of quality control and NEVER substitute high quality dinners with great value for inexpensive ingredients. The last thing we want to do is jeopardize your experience here with anything but the best in our niche.
Our banquet room is ideal for all parties and events. We will accommodate your guests in any way we can, making your event as special as we can possibly make it. We also can provide catering services for whatever off-site events you have. Please call ahead for more information.

We provide a lounge area with a horseshoe-style bar, supplied with beers on tap and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages of your choice.

Finally, we also have 5 video gaming machines to enhance your experience and present you with an enjoyable and potentially profitable time!
Inside Seating at McCook Bohemian Restaurant and Lounge