At McCook Bohemian Restaurant & Lounge we pride ourselves on our unique combination of American and Bohemian cuisine. From the same kitchen you can order a cheeseburger and or authentic Hungarian goulash all from scratch. Chicago and it’s surrounding area has a rich history of settlers from Central Europe and the traditions can be seen far and wide in the dishes offered here. We’re going to highlight the history of some of the most authentic Bohemian offerings.

Bohemia is a region of the Czech Republic. Formerly the kingdom of Bohemia, the Czech Republic is known for hearty cuisine featuring meats and starches due to the cold winters in the region. Many of the dishes served at McCook Bohemian Restaurant & Lounge embody those qualities. Dishes such as schnitzel and goulash are rich with history and are featured prominently on our menu.

Chicken Schnitzel:

Schnitzel is originally an Austrian dish but is featured prominently in Czech and Bohemian cuisine. Made traditionally from chicken veal or beef, the dish is served with boiled or mashed potatoes. It features a thinly pounded cut of meat fried lightly and served with gravy. The meal would also be packed out for day trips between slices of bread and eaten as a sandwich.

Hungarian Goulash:

Goulash, a staple in any Bohemian kitchen can traced back to the Czech Republic and Hungary. Composed of various meat and vegetables, goulash is a stew usually seasoned with paprika, salt and pepper. Modern versions of the dish include bell peppers, onions carrots and meats including beef, pork or lamb.


A Czech staple, Svickova is traditionally a meat dish, carrots, parsley and onion to name a few and is generally served with dumplings. However, regionally the dish is prepared in a vinegar based marinade with the vegetables and served traditionally with a dumpling or potato.

Svickova has deep Central European roots, specific to the Czech Republic but has also become a popular fare to the Chicago area as well. This can be attributed to the area’s rich Bohemian population and the popularity of the dish in the area.

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