Almost everybody has a lifetime event like a wedding, baby shower, anniversary, or retirement that are cause for a celebration. As joyful as these occasions are, they involve a great deal of strategic planning. Take the stress out of it, and for these reasons, chose a banquet hall:
  • No cleanup.  Even with culinary capabilities rivaling Gordon Ramsey and decorating skills matching Martha Stewart, you are still going to have to clean up. There is general cleanup and then there is the more specific cleanup like food spilling onto furniture. After an event is over, homeowners often have to hire professional cleaners, escalating the final cost. 
  • Size and Symmetry. Banquet halls can adjust the size and symmetry of their rooms to fit the guest list. If you have ever been to a crowded house party than you can appreciate this. Most halls have different sized rooms.  On the flip side, an overly large room with not enough guests can be fitted with a divider wall to make the room feel more comfortable.
  • More time to socialize. If you are hosting an event in your home, your attention is going to be put into the details of the day of the event like the caterers or rental company. There are too many details that will distract you from your guests and you won't be able to socialize with them.
  • Entrée choices. Because banquet halls are equipped with large kitchens, they are able to offer more than one entree.  Typically, a banquet hall with offer two or three entrees for the event, giving guest several choices. McCook Bohemian Restaurant’s menu choices start with beef noodle, liver dumpling, or chicken noodle soups. Fried chicken, sirloin of beef, roast chicken, polish sausage, and pork tenderloin are just some of the entrées to choose from.   
  • Insurance. If somebody gets hurt, a banquet hall has a high insurance limit. Most people don’t think about insurance when they are hosting a social event. However, if somebody falls at your house, the liability cost can be prohibitive. Big events lead to big distractions and you don’t want to have to worry about that newly installed slippery floor.  
McCook Bohemian Restaurant & Lounge has been serving top quality Bohemian food in McCook, IL since 1991. Our Family Style Selections include either 2 or 3 soup and entrée selections, plus several sides, a drink, and dessert. You can also bring your own cake if you wish and we’ll provide the plates and forks. We have an open bar available as well.

Using the freshest ingredients, our dishes are made from scratch, just like grandma does it ⸺ the best and with love! Give us a call: 708.442.0836.